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Models / Fluffy

Avg Rating: 4.0

Fluffy Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 4"

Fluffy Updates

Lauren Phillips' Unlocking Day Foot Worship Competition
Elis Ataxxx , Fluffy
Available to Members Now

Today is unlocking day, but this time around Goddess Lauren Phillips will only unlock one of the slaves Chastity Devices for a very special treat while the other remains locked, but the loser won't be left out.  Lauren has something planned for them as well. Today, Lauren is going to have Elis and...

Tags: Barefoot CFNM Chastity Female Domination
Locked Cock Chronicles - Special Milking Day Release - Volume 1 - Princess Ivory Soles
Fluffy , Princess Ivory Soles
Available to Members Now

You must be really excited. Today is Milking Day after being locked up for so long without any release. Your dick begins to twitch as Ivory Soles begins turning the key in the lock of the device, but sadly it is the wrong key. Ivory must've grabbed another slaves key accidentally. Ivory did promise...

Tags: Ass Fetish Ball Slapping Big Cumshot Big Load
Mistress' Heels In Your Skin Excite You
Dahlia Rain , Fluffy
Available to Members Now

Goddess Dahlia Rain knows how badly Fluffy loves her heels, so she decides that as a reward for being in Chastity for over 3 months, she would trample and grind her stilettos up and down Fluffy's body so he can experience the heels that he loves so much, first hand.  Maybe if Fluffy is lucky enough,...

Tags: Ball Crushing Ball Slapping Ball Stomping Ballbusting
Locked Cock Chronicles Release - Volume 17 - Raquel Roper
Fluffy , Raquel Roper
Available to Members Now

You are all locked up. What if Raquel Roper decided to leave you locked up for an eternity> Will you ever get to cum again? She could let you out at any moment, just by the twist of a key. It sounds simple, but with Raquel Roper, its not so simple, because she doesn't want to set you free. You are her...

Tags: Blowing On Chastity CBT CFNM Chastity
Little Piggie Spittoon Bitch
Amethyst Mars , Fluffy
Available to Members Now

Jasper Reed and Amethyst Mars' little pig bitch is only good for one thing and that is acting as their little spittoon. He just kneels in front of his Goddesses as they soak their little pig bitch in layer after layer of their heavenly spit.

Tags: Black Hair Blondes Bra Brat Girls
Goddess Jades Lift & Carry Bitch Earns His Reward
Fluffy , Jade Sun
Available to Members Now

Goddess Jade Sun has missed her Personal training session, so she calls on Slave Fluffy to help her with her missed workout and what a better way train then to use Fluffy as a human weight as she lifts Fluffy in various different methods as she would walk around the room a bit, throw Fluffy down on the...

Tags: Asian Goddess Ass Fetish Ass Kissing Ass Worship
Locked Cock Chronicles Special VR Release - Volume 16 - Jasper Reed
Fluffy , Jasper Reed
Available to Members Now

(This clip is 180 VR Format and will be available in HD/1080 Format soon) - You are lower than dirt compared to Jasper Reed. She is a Goddess and you are a worthless piece of junk. You're lucky that she is even paying your caged dick any attention, especially when she has better things to do. You're...

Tags: Barefoot Blondes Brat Girls CFNM
Goddess Always Gets What She Wants
Fluffy , Goddess Venus
Available to Members Now

Goddess Venus is used to always getting her way and today is no different. Her slave has been trying to hide the fact that he has bitcoin hidden away that he thought Goddess Venus was unaware of, but Goddess Venus knows all and has happened to come across paperwork that her slave thought he hid very...

Tags: Brunettes Female Domination Finger Licking Finger Sucking

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